Array Head WallHospital Systems (HSI)

Array Head Wall

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With an eye to finished details and an infinite number of finishing combinations, the Array is made to meet any design aesthetic. The Array gives the room a mill work feel while maintaining the convenience of a build to order pre-engineered, pre-fabricated headwall solution.


  • Factory made for precision and quality craftsmanship
  • Easy, quick installation
  • Easier, more efficient scheduling of sub-contractors
  • Shipped to the job site ready to install
  • Pre-piped and Pre-wired for easy connection above the ceiling line
  • Finished with panels in your choice of materials
  • Wall plates and hardware provided
  • Shipped in easy to handle sections or as a finished unit to save on installation


Axiom HeadwallAxiom Headwall

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The Axiom Patient Care Headwall is manufactured in a variety of configurations and sizes to meet the specific needs of the various areas in the hospital.

The Half-wall

The Half-wall is extremely useful in a room where a concentration of patient services [electrical, medical gas, nurse call, telephone] is needed and only limited space is available. It can service one or two patients. It consists of a single section and mounts approximately 30 to 45 inches above the finished floor.

The Single Section

The Single section headwall can be used in a general or critical care area. It can be equipped with a wide variety of services, including electrical, medical gas, communications, monitor, etc. It can also service one or two patients. The unit pictured is equipped to service one patient. The single section headwall is the most popular version of the various headwall systems because it offers great flexibility in selection of patient care services to meet a wide range of applications.

Double Section Units

The double section headwall consists of two vertical sections mounted adjacent to each side of the bed. It is often used for one patient when the single section does not offer enough space or accessibility for patient services. The double section headwall permits a greater selection of patient services, and allows splitting these services to serve the patient from either side – allowing for more efficient use by hospital personnel.

Triple Section Units

The triple section headwall consist of three separate sections containing a variety of patient services.


  • Standard vertical equipment tracks are part of each headwall
  • Large selection of track accessories
  • Flexible headwall designs—easily accepts customer options
  • Durable, low maintenance construction
  • Accepts all brands of medical gas outlets or nurse call systems


  • Nurse call
  • Medical Gas Outlets
  • Equipotential Grounding system
  • Storage cabinets
  • Bed bumpers
  • Monitor support
  • Isolated Power
  • Emergency Electrical Receptacles
  • Normal Electrical Receptacles
  • And many more

Compass Headwall
Compass Head Wall and Total Room Solution

Compass is a system of interchangeable components for patient and exam rooms, caregiver work areas, and other
Healthcare spaces. Compass easily and efficiently navigates change.
Compass Literature
What is behind the scenes?




Eloquence Headwalleloquence-headwall

At a Glance Cut Sheets

The Axiom Eloquence is a flush mounted horizontal headwall which provides all of the patient services in one compact location leaving maximum floor area for patient care. The Eloquence is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum extrusions that are etched and clear anodized. Access panel color can be chosen from a wide variety of colors and textures including matching wall coverings. All services are connected within the unit to allow for ease of installation.

The optional wood surround can compliment any room décor in a wide variety of stains or laminates and in a huge variety of shapes.

Vertical equipment track is incorporated into the unit while maintaining a flush finish. Horizontal equipment rail can also be incorporated into the unit to accommodate a large variety of accessories.

Note: Eloquence are made to order to your dimensions and specifications.